May 17–28

Ferry Building Gallery

1414 Argyle Ave

West Vancouver, BC

V7T 1C2

As with previous Reflections projects that captured aspects of Vancouver in paint, 2016’s Reflections series explores one of Vancouver’s most ubiquitous elements – water – this time in poster format.

Each student was challenged to produce an image, using illustration or typography, that explores some aspect of this natural resource, whether personal, political, environmental, or aesthetic. We began with research, rough sketches and writing, and refined and revised our ideas to convey clear visual messages that have impact from ten feet away, and draw viewers closer to investigate, as posters often do. We employed both traditional and digital mediums and tools, and various forms of virtual and photographic manipulation to produce our final imagery.

We invite you to peruse these unique takes on water – as signage, as message, as a call to awareness or action and, finally, as an appealingly accessible art form: every poster is available for sale.